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The Ionian Islands provide perfect cruising problems with average winds that are perfect for sailing getaways with your family. There is a large number of sailing reasons for you to choose from. A yacht charter within the Ancient greek Ionian Ocean is extremely inexpensive. The customs and food are gorgeous and there is a vast variety of traditional scenery and things you can do. The panorama is much eco-friendly and lusher then within the other archipelagos in Greece and also the place is placed outside the reach in the robust Meltemi winds that arise more to the East. So we will let you know much more about this charterer´s haven in depth.

  1. Typical blowing wind pace in summer.
  2. Place: Part of the Mediterranean Ocean, to the south from the Adriatic Water.

Why is a yacht charter in the Ionian Seas so popular?

The Ionian Sea has the seven main small islands of Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Kythira and also many smaller sized isles. The half a dozen north ones are placed just from the to the west coastline of Greece and Kythira is from the the southern part of tip in the Peloponnese. Although it shows up as one of the Ionian islands it kinds section of the area of Attica. The Ionian Seas is bordered by the southern part of Italy and Sicily, southern Albania and the to the west coast of Greece. There are several ferry links to the Greek and Italian mainland in addition to between the islands. However, they can be easily accessible by aeroplane and you may take flight for the global international airports of Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos or perhaps to Preveza around the mainland.

Seven main small islands of

The historical portion of the Ionian Isles is immensely favored by yacht charterers as well as sizeable vacation cruise liners due to their organic beauty and allure. However, they are also environmentally friendly and a lot more fertile compared to other Greek isles towards the East or perhaps the nearby mainland. Another advantage will be the mainly reasonable winds which can be if at all possible suitable for yacht charter holidays with the family. The infrastructure for sailors on the small islands within the Ionian Sea is nice however the area is still quite unspoilt. You find the standard traditional Ancient greek tavern with the wonderful Ancient greek foods, charming harbours, amazing historic websites and straightforward cruising conditions. On the top of it, bareboat charter in Greece is much less high priced than in other locations within the western Mediterranean. This adds up to an excellent traveling practical experience.

Or perhaps the nearby mainland

Some relevant facts for the Ionian bareboat charter:

Relevant facts for

Location: Section of the Mediterranean Sea, to the south from the Adriatic Ocean

Main Isles: Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Kythira

Which main charter locations are available in the Ionian?

There are several itineraries and island destinations to learn on a sailboat charter from the Ionian. If you take flight to Corfu, the vacation resort city and harbour of Gouvia constitutes a good charter basic from which to transfer southern and check out one other isles. It is actually found 6 km from Corfu city and 7 km in the air-port and will variety around 1,235 yachts with a duration as high as 80 m. It characteristics several solutions and shops and is also sometimes called a natural hyperlink from your Adriatic to the Mediterranean Water.

From Corfu it really is just about 8 NM to stunning Paxos. Directly on the upper tip there is a wonderful safeguarded bay and town of Lakka with excellent dining establishments and shops. The main dock from the island is Gaios around the eastern side coastline. It is a ideal normal harbour because of the islet just from the shore that produces a thin and incredibly guarded funnel with ideal mooring situations. The beautiful very little community has dining places, taverns and enchanting souvenir outlets to supply.

Dining establishments and shops The main dock

Because of to the south of Paxos is the modest island of Antipaxos which is good for taking pleasure in calm Greek isle happiness. As an example, anchor and chill at Voutoumi seaside with its turquoise water and pristine and discover a laidback tavern where you can eat some wonderful Ancient greek meals with the feet in the beach sand. Cruise about 25 NM south-Eastern side and also you get to Preveza, one more main charter bottom.

Preveza marina in Preveza community has an excellent selection of professional services and 500 moorings for vessels approximately 20 m. Larger watercraft may use Cleopatra Marina close to Preveza and simply 1.5 mls from the town´s air-port `Aktion`, also referred to as Lefkada Airport. It includes 100 berths for yachts as much as 30 m.

Also referred to

To get a streets much less journeyed discover the beautiful estuary from the Ambracian Gulf, because of eastern of Preveza. It is a gorgeous character arrange with lagoons, marshlands and plenty of special wildlife. You can find very good anchorages and the two main little ports named Menidion and Votsina.

Mind no more than 6 NM southern from Preveza and also you make it to the northernmost beaches of Lefkas. This tropical isle has a lot of coves and shorelines so that you can discover. On the north-east shore you locate the area along with marina of Lefkas, or Lefkada because it is referred to as as well. There exists a 50 m lengthy link hooking up Lefkas with all the mainland, thus making it quickly reachable from your airport terminal. Lefkas Marina has 620 moorings for yachts as much as 45 m length and a good offer of nautical providers. It is one of the most present day and outstanding marinas in Greece and then there are food markets, cafés, restaurants, a swimming pool area plus much more.

From Lefkas you have a huge choice of cruising territories as lots of more compact small islands within easy reach plus the primary types. To name merely the large island destinations, there are actually Kefalonia and Ithaca, as an illustration, equally just in just a 6 NM attain from the southernmost hint of Lefkas.

Kefalonia and

Ithaca may be the small among each and possesses gorgeous bays to anchor in. The particular protected harbour community Vathi can be a well-liked spot as well as the Odysseas Marina offers 72 berths for watercraft as much as 20 m and also numerous providers.

The small among each and possesses

Kefalonia using its money Argostoli has several soft sandy coves and rugged limestone cliffs. As an example, visit outstanding Myrtos seaside around the north side with spectacular white sand and aquamarine normal water that is certainly set in between two mountain tops. There is a cave you can check out as well.

You deal with just as breathtakingly stunning beaches in Zakynthos, or Zante, that is only approx. 10 NM to the south of Kefalonia. The so-named Shipwreck Beach in the northern-eastern side side has crystal-clear h2o, a glowing white colored pebble seashore and is surrounded by considerably high growing cliffs. Zakynthos town is large and offers lots of places and activities as well as the airport terminal is in close proximity to-by, which makes it an easy task to stop or begin your cruising or motor yacht employ inside the Ionian Small islands there.

The airport terminal is in close proximity

Which are the existing weather systems for sailing from the Ionian?

Are the existing weather systems

A to the north-westerly seas wind, the Maestral, moderates temps from evening till setting sun. The area of the Ionian lacks quite strong winds which explains why it is ideal for loved ones sailing holidays. Summers are very long, warm and dried up. July and August have around 12 hrs of direct sunlight per day. You will find no considerable tides.

Breakdown of the elements circumstances for cruising a yacht charter in the Ionian Ocean:

Four weeks with top typical temp: August, 25.5°

Month with lowest common temperature: Jan, 9°

Month with greatest average precipitation: Dec, 167 mm

30 days with lowest average precipitation: August, 7 - 11 millimeters KYTHERA

Regular wind flow speed in summer time: 2 - 5 Bft. ΚΥΘΗΡΑ ISTOSELIDES

  • Regular wind pace in summer: 2 -.

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